TCD Sign Language Society

Let us introduce ourselves...

Every year a new committee is elected at the AGM. This year's AGM was held on the 1st of April, and the positions are as below. Thanks to the outgoing committee for all their help!

Kat Clinch

The chairperson is the official head of the society.

Monica Bartley

The treasurer looks after all the society's financial affairs.

Tom McHugh

The secretary manages all things secretarial, emails and other correspondance, room bookings, events and so on and so forth.

Sandrijn Jacobs
Public Relations Officer (PRO)

The PRO promotes the society and works with members.

Naomi Lawless
Inclusions Officer

The Inclusions Officer's job is to help everyone feel welcome in the society, including Deaf and hearing people. This is a provisional position.

Dermot Gillen

The Librarian's job is to set up and maintain a working library of books and other resources on sign languages and Deaf culture. This is a provisional position.

Emma Lundy, Shane Chubb,
Amy O'Farrell-Tyler & Lucy McGill
Ordinary Committee Members (OCMs)

Ordinary Committee Members are here to provide extra help to the society and the rest of the committee.

Last updated on 6th April 2015.
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