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Hey there!

For the past 19 years we've been Trinity College Dublin's sole society dedicated to the teaching of sign languages and raising Deaf awareness. We aim to be open to all, be they Deaf, Hard of Hearing (HoH) or hearing. Learning Irish Sign Language (ISL) is fun, but more importantly, it is a bridge to the Deaf community, a reflection of history and an often neglected aspect of an indigenous Irish culture.

We were awarded both TCD's Best Small Society and the National Best New or Improved Society on forming back in 1999. Our aims were and continue to be (2013 Constitution):

"To learn about deaf culture, to encourage communication between deaf and hearing people, and to facilitate the study of sign language by arranging sign language classes for members."

As such, we promote the use of Irish Sign Language as a medium for communication with classes, drama workshops and regular social events at which members can meet, have fun and practice their sign language—it's fun to watch people trying to sign with a drink in one hand and finger food in the other!

If you're interested in joining, or just want to stay informed, drop us a line and we'll add you to our mailing list. We run 15-week courses in Irish Sign Language for our members at beginners and advanced level.

Last updated on 15th September 2014.
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